DICOM Basics Course Agenda

Introduction to DICOM
  • Course Agenda
  • Brief DICOM History

DICOM Key Terms and Concepts

  • 5 Applications in DICOM
  • Information Object Definitions and DICOM Commands
  • SOP Class concept (Service/Object Pair)
  • Service Class User (SCU) and Service Class Provider (SCP)
  • Exercise – Map real world requirements to DICOM SOP Classes


  • Verification
  • Storage
  • Storage Commitment
  • Query/Retrieve
  • Modality Worklist (MWL)
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS)
  • Print
  • Media Interchange
  • Structured Reporting
  • Softcopy Presentation State, Grayscale Standard Display Function
  • Exercise – Specify DICOM Product Requirements
DICOM Network and Association Negotiation
  • Association Negotiation process and overview
  • Transfer Syntax, Abstract Syntax, Presentation Context, Compression, UIDs
  • Typical DICOM association workflow

How to Read DICOM Conformance Statements

  • DICOM Plug and Play
  • SCU/SCP SOP Class tables
  • Exercise – Comparing Conformance Statements
  • Review “real” vendor conformance statements

Overview of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) (time permitting)

  • Initiative of RSNA and HIMSS
  • Goals and Objectives
  • How to integrate with IHE – Integration Profiles